Back at it fuckin with ass addicts. The lovely Anika is back again, this time taking 3 bbc's up that ass only.  What a video, back to back dick for that throat and ass.  She's well trained for this type of fuckin, and she does it well.  Those familiar with her work will be very pleased about this latest installment in the Anika chronicles. I have all the exclusive content of her.
You already know how this slim Chocolate queen gets down. She squirts and loves big dick, So my man Brick did the honors of breaking that tight pussy in.  She actually took on 2 BBCs for the night and did it well.  She drained the balls of these two and kept it moving. Great fuck by Lotus FLower once again
Exclusive video from my man BK Brick's home collection. Him and his shorty gets down for the crown.  Man yall really got to see this shit. Brick puts it down like no other making her take all the dick until she's dam near cripple.  Shorty wanted tot tap out so bad but she also wanted to get fucked and Brick fucked her hard, when I say hard, shit as hard as it gets..Only here you get shit like this!
Honey is an all time favorite I see from the emails you guys send in. Here she is again with BK Brick, and what a match up. Brick went extra hard and got up in that stomach the right way. Honey a trooper though and took it with virtually no tap outs. She did her thing and so did he. Another classic jerk off scene if yall into Check it out now
Lets introduce our 1st white girl on this site, not sure if they will be anymore but here it is.  Mr Jay and MD did the honors of breaking this slut in good. She defintely didn't know what she was in for and taught her a good lesson about rough sex and BBC.  We took turns inside them guts, and ripped that pussy apart.  Had her saying all kinds of shit. Wait till yall see this one!!
I know yall love them pound out sessions where I get deep and stay deep in these sluts. Well here's another one from our favorite girl Erica aka Carmen aka Get up in them guts hard body.  This is actually one of the 1st vid we ever shot where I broke her in with some hard ass dick, She tried to handle it but tapped out quite a few times.  All in all good hard fuckin
You already know how this one turned out, this is the match of the century, pretty girl PYT and The Monster Erotic BK Brick. Boy oh boy my man brick don't hold nothing back and goes all out on this exclusive pussy. She trooped it out till the end and got 2 nuts out of him. Pyt did a great job of handing big dick, hopefully we get another one out of these 2 stars.
This is an actual continuation of sensual dogout from an earlier update, I wear we fucked from day to night. She took on 2 BBC's like nothing, and there's actually more footage after this, but I gave yall 2 parts this time.  This shit more than 2 years old but still poppin. Lalola takes dick and sucks dick like no other. Good jerk off material!!
This is another day where me and Jay Stone had a whole day of fuckin Lauren Kush. I put the 1st part up at the inception of this site, well here's the final 2 episodes.  She was giving up that chocolate pussy until she tapped out after 3 nuts from us. We definitely wore that puss out. But if you seen her before, she will let u pound it out till her gut hurt. Check out the final episode now.
She has arrived, the 3rd coming of the dirty vision trinity. 1st there was Isis, then Anika and Now Amari Gold.  She just might be the new 3 hole champion.  We been training her for a good 2 months and here's the result of her training so far. This is Bricks 1st anal scene and she took it real good for her small frame. Not only is she pretty but a real dog out as well.  I can say a lot more, but u judge for yourself
Another epic dog out scene right here. Deep Red returns to take on BK Brick and she handles it like a real bitch.  You already know Brick don't play no games on the pussy and she took it like a champ. SHe had to come back fo another round because the 1st round was just a teaser. Good fuckin and suckin right here. All yall slim red bone lovers, this one for you
What a fuck session right here. My man Brick was on his A game and tore lil Honey Dizzle to pieces.  He didn't waste no time getting up in them guts, and she tapped out multiple times. But never gave up until finally she couldn't take it but Brick creampied her anyway.  Its always good to see these 2 fucking, but this scene is epic, a soon to be classic.
Here's something special. Anika Sumers Takes on the Brick Master for a big dick showdown. Unfortunately she wasn't reasy for anal but she still got a great dick down. Yall already know how she get down, she's not a joke when it comes to tackling BBC.  She didn't stop until she got most of his dick down her throat. What a scene, even the dick sucking was crazy..Out now!!
Dug this scene out the porn graveyard. The lost Blu Files have surfaced and she got doooged out in this one. This is when she first entered the porn game and was just getting broken in and yes I did the honors of testing that teen pussy out.  I dug deep in them guts to make sure she was ready for whats to come. She took as much as she could until I nutted, then she was out like a light.
Got a new girl for yall this time. 18 yr old Trixxie has arrived and ready to be trained. I brought in Mr. Jay for a good anl deepthroat session. Boy she had a hard time with all that meat up her ass but she swallowed every inch in that throat.. Mr Jay definitely broke her ass in good, but not without some pain. This is a fuck she wont forget..Good girl though.
Here's more fire for that ass literally. New comer Skyla, Mariah's friend pairs up with BK Brick for an all anal scene. You read it right, all anal for this freak.  This is one of many scenes her and Brick filmed but lets start with this one.  She was trained for awhile to take it up the ass and this is the end result. A good ass fucking with anal creampie included. Watch her take it like a good girl. Yall will love this one.
Back to back new pussy to break in and this time Brick does the honors of stretching shorty out.  Mariah is a slim pretty jawn who can handle some dick, well until she met BK Brick.  It was a tough one to call, but Brick put extra work in on this one. Her friend stopped by and helped her with BBC for a minute, but Mariah took it rough and hard. Great 1st scene.
Kaikey returns with a new name and some new dick as well. Formally known as Juicy Jones she's back with that dog out from BK Brick and MD.  Niggas didn't hold nothin back when it came to bangin her out.  She was willing and able and took all the dick like a good girl. The pussy was extra wet and she took a cum shot in her and on her. Brick went nuts on this slut. Great footage.
LOL Pyt's boyfriend kept calling her while we were tryna get that pussy.  My man Brick was like fuck it I'm bout to wreck it out regardless.  Nonetheless we got up in them guts whether she was on the phone or not.  She actually got her pussy split at this session.  Brick couldn't fuck after awhile.  This was technically her last shoot, but still got a few in the stash.
Oh yeah baby Alex Monroe is back and doing what she does best, submitting to daddy.  I let the dildos do a lot of work this time. She took all 4 of them which goes from big to huge. She needed that pussy stretched as she told me, so I got right to it. This was a 2 hour session and it got steamy. She lost the creampie in her pussy and she took one dildo home. She had a good day!!
Sorry for the wait but her we go. This is actually Mariah's 1st encounter with BK Brick, and it was a hellava session. Brick didn't waist no time training that pussy to his specifications.  He fucked her hard and deep and she took that dick like a champ.  Her pussy swallowed all the dick up.  Brick def had a work out on this slim thang. Great session
Yall already know I got the real Amari Gold stashed in the porn fort knox.  Here's one we shot last year when Mack Steele came to train her. Turned out real nice. This sub slut took 11 inched hard and deep in all holes.  Mack steele fucked her good and nutted all over her face. When he left she got dug the fuck out. Might drop that part on my
Selena Skye returns for that Dog Out with MD and Brickzilla.  She was waiting doggy style for Brick to enter the room, and as soon as he got there it was on and poppin. She loves black dick and you can tell from taking 2 BBC's and cumming multiple times.  She was bussing every minute. SHe caught 2 creampies and it was a wrap.
Got something special for yall this time around. Check out Miss Sasha Ivy The Nympho Queen. MD and Mr Jay did the honors of breaking this spicy hot Latina in, and yes it was a lot of fun. She definitely has the it factor when it comes to this. She requested BBC and she got a good fuck for real. I thought she would tap out but she hung in there. Check her out HERE!
Fresh off the press here's Philly's own Temptation, who came through for an audition last year and never seen her again. Brick tore that pussy up after she really slobbed on the dick for awhile. You can see in the preview how she's a throat goat.  I joined in but couldn't handle that deep pussy, so I let Brick wreck out on her.  The full seen will be on manyvids.
Here's another home made video from BK Brick point of view.  Him and his main squezze be having that fire sex and you can only see that here.  After a nice dick suck my man Brick got to working on that pussy and stuffed her nice and deep.  She loves taking all the dick and you can tell.  After a good fuck he nutted right on her fat ass..
Here's another home made video from BK Brick point of view.  Him and his main squezze be having that fire sex and you can only see that here.  After a nice dick suck my man Brick got to working on that pussy and stuffed her nice and deep.  She loves taking all the dick and you can tell.  After a good fuck he nutted right on her fat ass..
Sasha the nympho queen is back and she really took some dick this time with MR Jay who puts it down for the town. She wanted to try anal and he got right to it. She couldn't really take it but she tried her best and he opened her up. She wasn't the same after this session. Lots of deepthroating and rough sex for this new slut on the block.
Ladi Phoenixx was gone for awhile but she came back with something to prove. She wanted to take it up the ass, so Mr Jay came and got to opening that hole up. There was no pussy fucking at all, 100% anal for her. SHe took a few breaks but Jay opened it up nice where she was gaped.  He bust a fat nut up her ass to end the session..Great scene
Surprise surprise, the only white girl allowed on this site, Selena Skye never disappoints. This time BBC Master Mr Jay opens her ass real good, and left a heavy load in there, not before using her thoroughly. Lots of throating ass eating and deep pussy fucking. She's officially an anal whore now.
Here's our favorite anal slut Miss Amari Gold returns with a POV anal scene Brick shot by himself in her training days. She was kinda broken in by this point but Brick had to open that ass more, and like a good submissve slut she did everything he asked.  My man banged them holes out for over an hour and ended with a nice creampie..  She wasn't the same after this.
This scene is a classic in the making with big butt Imani and my man Bk Brick. He went all out and deep in her guts in this one like it was a payback fuck. At one point she even questioned, what did she do He def put that work in on that ass in all positions. Fucked her until she tapped out. Yall got to see this one for real
Step right up to the greatest scene on earth with new cummer Gem The Jewels, a mixed Latina with an appetite for big dick. Had to call my man Brick for this one, and he got the job done the right way.  Gem said it was the biggest she ever had and can def see from her reaction. Brick stretched that pussy out good.  Classic in the making
Sasha is a real submissive nympho who loves to get dogged out as you can see from her 1st vid.  In this one me and and my boy Rootz dogged her real nice with some gunplay to top it off.  She had dick in her throat and deep in her pussy at every turn. We fucked her hard and she got 2 good loads out of us. This is a must see. Nothing like this Latina slut.
Now this girl is the real deal. Introducing freak bitch Maya Lewinski. She is crowned the new anal queen for a good reason. My and the old heads put her through some rigorous anal fucking and she passed with flying colors. She gets down and dirty, just the way I like them. One of y boys tapped out and couldn't handle all that Real good shit here
Had this scene in the stash for ages and dropped it on my onlyfans not to long ago. Anika the former anal queen takes on BK Brick up the ass this time. He tossed her around the room fucking every hole she had until he got his nut off. They always had good chemistry and the scene was fire..Available now in the members area
Here's a fan favorite, Miss Reeses Pieces. She got a fat ole ass and came back for some lessons in big dick. My man Mr Jay put it down serious on that pussy and even though she tapped a out a few times, once she was adjusted she loved every stroke of it. She got a nice creampie at the end. Definite jerk off material here..A1
Not to many girls took on BK Brick up the ass, I only know 2 personally. Well lets ad Imani to the list now. She was bold enough to take it in that anal cavity and she did a great job to.  Took her a minute to warm up to Brick even in the pussy, but it was on once she opened up. This will be a classic being there are to many Brick anal jawns..
Another classic right here with Gem Jewels and Mr Jay.  This was her very last anal video she did and she did it good. Mr Jay is known for his rough style of fucking and Gem tapped out a few times from somw deep dicking. He really got up in her ass and keft a hefty load in there. Gem stood up to the test and fucked to completion.
Sorry for the delay but here's a banger Featuring Shanice Luv and Gia Lovely Vs Elijah Woodz.  Gia went all anal and Shanice assisted her and also took some good strokes in her wet ass pussy.  Gias was being extra submissive, licking up squirt, takin dick up the ass. Crazy night indeed. Yall got to see this one for sure
Hers'a another hot one with the anal goddess Maya Lewinski. This from the archives when MD and Mr Jay got up in that ass one more time for the road.  Mr Jay got more ass than me so I let him get it all until he nutted in her. After that it was a wrap. Maya took it like a champ, it was real marathon fucking, sheesh you got to see this
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Yes Anika has been resurrected from the dirty archives with this classic. Mr Jay was in rarw form on this one and delivered a spectacular performance. This would've been Elijah Woodz 1st scene but it didn't work out that night.  Mr Jay took full control of this sub slut and fucked her until he dam near passed out. Great footage
Here's a special night that was recorded about 2 years ago now. Me and Brick met up with Skylar at the hotel, but little did we know it was gonna be a long night.  After we shot a scene she never left so we just kept on shooting. This is only the 1st part because it was extra long. Brick broke her in good that night, wait till Pt.2
Lets welcome Uptown Bunny to DG.  We met up with her in the city and she couldn't wait for a room so she got fucked in the truck.  Elijah woodz laid soe good pipe on this 21 yr old snow bunny who loves to fuck and suck. We was all around Harlem while he was in her guts, then he nutted in her right in front of the Apollo.Its showtime aight..
It aint over till its over. Here's pt.2 of this spectacular night with Skylar . It was unexpected that she slept over and we basically made the best of it. Brick got a whole lotta pussy that night. They literally fucked until they passed out. I was tired as IDK what tryna keep up with them. Might be a part 3 who knows..Got lots of BTS to
Sorry for the wait but lots more on the way. Ash Cash a real dick taker so I let my boy Jaxx tear it up. She started off with some good throat and then it was on and poppin. Jaxx didn't waist no time getting to the guts. Man he fucked her like he just came out of Good shit right here.
Found this one in my 2015 archives when Tapout Was the Queen for real. She took on 3 of us with no problem. We was fucking fire out of her, putting our all into it, lol and she took the dicks like nothing. They don't call her Tapout for nothing. She need to come back and do another one
Yall know I got that Amari Gold stash. The never ending's an early session when MD and Brick use to train that ass. She could only do anal that day so we both tapped her out nice. This only the 1st part. The whole thing is over 2 hours of fucking. How yall think she became what she is, we trained her right
Red Alert!! We got the slut Sasha Ivy takin the biggest dick she ever took in her life courtesy of BK Brick. He didn't hold back getting up in them guts hard and deep. Sasha being the slut that she is, she takes every inch until he nuts on her. Sasha wanted the dick and got more than she bargained for
Here it is part 2 of that 2 hour anal fuck session. Amari was in training back then in 2019, we use to get rooms to fuck all day. In this part you will see several gapes of her ass and ass cream to.  Brick and MD worked her to the limit and stretched her completely out. That ass was opened wide. Yep got more footage of her coming soon
Yall already know what kind of scene this is. Well lets just say Skyla asked for the dick up her ass and my man brick didn't hesitate. She came with a vengengence by the way she was suckin him off. She was all about the dick and she took it in every hole like a good girl. Even after this scene they fucked 2 more times to cap if off..sheesh..good shit!!
My man Brick is on a roll and here's goes another one. This time we have new comer Roxi the Succubus. SHe can take a lot, so we set it up for her to take it all. And that she did.  She must have nutted at least 10 times during this session, shaking all over the place. Brickwas deep in them guts right on that G Spot. A classic in the making
Yall already know aint to many white girls on this site, she will make number 3 for the right or white reasons, lol. Butt Plug Betty took on BK Brick and this shit was bananas. He went from hole to hole wreckin out her ass mostly. Sheesh, left her with a open ass and cum in her mouth. She was up for the challenge and got it good.
Sheesh Tinee Badass is a real bad ass. She about 5 ft even and came ready for BK Brick, well at least she thought she was.  You already know how Brick gets down on this site and he aint hold nothing back. She got her pussy stretched to her max on this day. She wasn't the same after this one. Maybe we get a few more scenes with this sub slut over here..
Oh yeah another classic in the making. Monica came through and showed out. She took on BK Brick like a champ. Trying to stuff dick down her throat and taking as much as she can, she did a real good job and got the best fuck of her life. My man Brick was loving that slim pretty Jamaican creamy pussy. Looks good from here. Yall will enjoy this one
Oh yeah another classic in the making. Monica came through and showed out. She took on BK Brick like a champ. Trying to stuff dick down her throat and taking as much as she can, she did a real good job and got the best fuck of her life. My man Brick was loving that slim pretty Jamaican creamy pussy. Looks good from here. Yall will enjoy this one
Had to bring this natural freak back for another round with Brick, this tie it was all anal for this slut. Man when she said she was ready, she was ready and willing. Brick took his time getting in that tight hole but once he was in that was all she wrote. He stretched her out, and had her shaking from all that dick in her. This a must for the anal lovers
Here's some new stuff for yall. Honey Cocoa is a dam freak and she let it all out in this one. D Rock and Mr Jay did the honors and fucked her up real good.  Jay was focused on that asshole the whole time. He pounded her ass out for real.  They both thoroughly used her and dumped some loads on her.  Hopefully she comes back for round 2
Its back to back bang outs , so you know we had to include Uptown Bunny, the original house slut.  She came back for round 2 but Brick didn't hold back this time. She took all the dick like a good sub slut and then some.  He got up in them guts for real. She was about to tap out but she let him rail it out till the end. Another classic scene
Sorry for the delay but we got some incoming heat right here. Big butt Shanice meets BK Brick and gets the dick down she never ever got. From the start of the video you can see how he really stretched that pussy to fit dick. She felt every stroke in every position possible. Brick handled that fat ass real nice, dont miss out on this one
Sheesh we got some new hot ass for yall. The 4th coming of the anal sluts. Isis, Anika, Amari and now Toi.  My boy Elijah Woodz put the beetz on that ass and pussy.  She got a real nice body and can take some dick, a perfect combination for hard fucking.  We got to get more of her sooner than later. Enjoy this one