Hers'a another hot one with the anal goddess Maya Lewinski. This from the archives when MD and Mr Jay got up in that ass one more time for the road.  Mr Jay got more ass than me so I let him get it all until he nutted in her. After that it was a wrap. Maya took it like a champ, it was real marathon fucking, sheesh you got to see this
Yes Anika has been resurrected from the dirty archives with this classic. Mr Jay was in rarw form on this one and delivered a spectacular performance. This would've been Elijah Woodz 1st scene but it didn't work out that night.  Mr Jay took full control of this sub slut and fucked her until he dam near passed out. Great footage
Here's a special night that was recorded about 2 years ago now. Me and Brick met up with Skylar at the hotel, but little did we know it was gonna be a long night.  After we shot a scene she never left so we just kept on shooting. This is only the 1st part because it was extra long. Brick broke her in good that night, wait till Pt.2
It aint over till its over. Here's pt.2 of this spectacular night with Skylar . It was unexpected that she slept over and we basically made the best of it. Brick got a whole lotta pussy that night. They literally fucked until they passed out. I was tired as IDK what tryna keep up with them. Might be a part 3 who knows..Got lots of BTS to