It aint over till its over. Here's pt.2 of this spectacular night with Skylar . It was unexpected that she slept over and we basically made the best of it. Brick got a whole lotta pussy that night. They literally fucked until they passed out. I was tired as IDK what tryna keep up with them. Might be a part 3 who knows..Got lots of BTS to
Lets welcome Uptown Bunny to DG.  We met up with her in the city and she couldn't wait for a room so she got fucked in the truck.  Elijah woodz laid soe good pipe on this 21 yr old snow bunny who loves to fuck and suck. We was all around Harlem while he was in her guts, then he nutted in her right in front of the Apollo.Its showtime aight..
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Sorry for the wait but lots more on the way. Ash Cash a real dick taker so I let my boy Jaxx tear it up. She started off with some good throat and then it was on and poppin. Jaxx didn't waist no time getting to the guts. Man he fucked her like he just came out of Good shit right here.
Found this one in my 2015 archives when Tapout Was the Queen for real. She took on 3 of us with no problem. We was fucking fire out of her, putting our all into it, lol and she took the dicks like nothing. They don't call her Tapout for nothing. She need to come back and do another one